Relocation of Tarkwa Substation, Ghana

Construction of 2No. 25/33MVA, 161/34.5kV substation.

Detailed design for a ring bus substation using the free issued equipment/materials which include: 161/34.5kV, 25/33MVA Power & 34.5kV Grounding / Auxiliary transformers, 161& 34.5kV steel support structures,161 & 34.5kV balance of plant (CB, DS, CVT, CT, SA, PI, etc), 161kV Lines and transformer protection panels 161kV, gantries and others.

Installation of all free equipment issued by GRIDCo.

Supply and installation of remaining balance of plant for the works.
Pre-commissioning checks under GRIDCo’s leadership of all relevant items above.

Commissioning and bringing into commercial operation of the 161/34.5kV, 25/33MVA substation complete.

De-energize, de-commissioning and transportation to project site of all relevant equipment above from GRIDCo’s Tarkwa Substation at Atuabo.

Construction of 11km of 161kV transmission line.

Our scope includes; survey, final profile designs, tower spotting, tower foundations, tower erection, stringing, staffing and termination works